Go to the link to watch their video review on YouTube.
The Fop Review
Hi! Drama reviews my Victorian Queer exploration.

Link to full review.
Rave Reviews
Go to Instagram link. See all the fans.
Audience Reacts
Go to video link.
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Lenny Zenith Endorses
Link to video endorsement below.
More Endorsements
I've included in the link two letters from theatre professionals.
James Fiona Palacio Endorses My Work
Link to video below.
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Write-up. See link.
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Copy and paste the link to see more Go to site link to see the art film created from my Linck monologue.
Robert Patrick Playwright Reviews Queering The Stage
Queer playwright legend Robert Patrick gives my plays 5 stars. Go to link.
Time Out Lisbon
Full page spread in Time Out Lisbon.
Jack Shamblin & J. Carlos Díaz
Art magazine Umbigo announces our arrival in Portugal.
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Audience Reacts

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