2021 - D.C. Commission on the Arts Fellowship Artist, Genderfluid Writer, Performer, & Creator

Originally from Oklahoma and a member of the Cherokee nation, I am a Washington D.C. and New York City, genderfluid theatre artist.


When creating, I dive into my gut to find a theme that both fascinates and disturbs. Anne Bogart, an experimental director, encouraged me to get to the meat, the raw emotion of my Queer angst mixed with colonialist trauma. Like many Native Americans, my great grandfather drank his way to suicide. I believe that collective hurt moves through all. However, working through it, the tensions and then relief, and transcending the pain produces fascinating theatre.


I look at performances more like a living painting than something mapped out. After collecting research, I quickly workshop with the audience as co-creators. Sensing what’s working or not, I build shows through action and getting messy. The imperfections are like accidents in a laboratory where epiphanies happen. Chaos is real, and like gods, we can craft that into shared healing. 


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