2020, CLOUD & FIRE, producer Regie Cabico from Capturing Fire, a cultural exchange with Paris' Le Cabaret De Poussiere, an evening of spoken word and music with featured performance artist Jack "Mia" Shamblin, at The Arts Club Of Washington, D.C.

2019, RAINBOW SPARKS : A COMING OUT CELEBRATION, producer Montgomery Parks, Jack "Mia Kunter" Shamblin gave the children a Gender Fluid Story Hour and later Shamblin performed Michael Hardwick's monologue from their book Queering The Stage, host Regie Cabico, poet Tyler French, musical guests Boomscat, at Acorn Park, Silver Spring, Maryland

2019, CAPTURING FIRE QUEER POETRY SLAM: WALT WHITMAN'S 200th BIRTHDAY, producer Regie Cabico and Sasha Sinclair from Capturing Fire, Shamblin performs Goldstar a tribute to their war hero nephew who died in combat while freeing ISIS prisoners in 2015, Busboys & Poets, Takoma, Washington D.C.

2017, BAD & NASTY NOT MY PRESIDENT'S DAY, organized for Holly Hughes, host Jack "Mia" Shamblin in collaboration with comedian Shecky Beagleman, special guests Babes NYC, at Maddy Rosenberg's gallery Central Booking, NYC 

2017, A NIGHT OF FOLK, HIP-HOP, AND SPOKEN WORD, producer Chris Carr of Brooklyn Wildlife, Jack "Mia" Shamblin performs Emma Goldman, Terra Firma Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2016, STRAIGHT ACTING, producer & host Rify Royalty, Mia Kunter performs original song Label Whore Dance Whore, This-N-That, Brooklyn, NY

2016, SHINY, host Jack "Mia" Shamblin, performance laboratory, Hell Phone, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY


2015, UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES, Jack "Mia" Shamblin and Pierrot Carrilero, The Lounge, Dixon Place, NYC

2015, ICONS, Planet Queer, producers Ian MacKinnon & Travis, Jack "Mia" Shamblin performs Emma Goldman's Story, with singer Justine Taurianien and djs Vibe Lounge LA, at Akbar, Silver Lake, L.A.

2015, DADDY, Planet Queer, producers Ian MacKinnon & Travis, Jack "Mia" Shamblin with Rich "Asher" Yap performs Arnald De Verhola's 1323 Confession, published in Shamblin's book Queering The Stage from their solo show Sodomite, at Akbar, Silver Lake, L.A.

2014, THE ADONIS PROJECT, producers Travis Wood and Ian MacKinnon from Planet Queer, Jack "Mia Kunter" Shamblin perform an adaption of their show Anarchist Mia with special guest Sky Palkowitz,  Human Resources, L.A.

2012, PINK PARTY, producer Colin Ginks, Jack "Mia" Shamblin performs SLIP SIDE and hosts, ILGA, Lisbon, Portugal

2011, MIA KUNTER"S OTHERWORLDLY COMEDY SHOW, this was a monthly series that debuted during Dixon Place's HOT Festival in August and continued till December, producer Jack "Mia" Shamblin, comedians, performance artists, musicians, and visual artist created an over the moon and one of kind event. Shecky Beagleman, Emma Willmann, Marc Maietta, Shelly Hamilton, Maurice "Mo Black" Blackman, Colin Anton Samuel, Elizabeth McGann, Misty Beits, Aaron Pearlman-Price, Garon Benner, Amy Daulton, Nora Burns, Mark Hassenfratz, Dimitri Landrain, Sokhna Heather Mabin, Tania Sterl, Eva Mueller, Jojo de La Louche, Mallory Norton, Alejandro Borrero, Daniel Bennett, Picadilly Third, and David Berger helped to create a Time Out New York's critic pick

August 2011 : Hot Festival
October 2011