2019, THE BUGS AND THE SLUGS, sci-fi short, writer & director, Greyson Horst, role alien troll Fogwarth, Jack Shamblin, producer NYU

2016, BLATANT, film pitch, by writer & director Jack "Mia" Shamblin, starring the late Alexis Arquette (final performance) with Jack "Mia" Shamblin and Ron Barba, music by Amateur, camera by Evan Nelson, Asher Yap, Kurt Ritta, & Eva Mueller, set (Brooklyn) J. Carlos Díaz, producer Mia Kunter, filmed in Brooklyn and L.A.

2012, VAMPIRES, horror short, writer and director David Sabshon, role The White Rabbit, Jack Shamblin, producer NYU

2007, O CASTELO PRETO, experimental art film, writer, director, editor Jack Shamblin, art direction J. Carlos Díaz, sound design Rui Chaves, featured songs by Robin Dicker, Rita Abranches, and João Morais and collaborations with the collective Advance D-Lux featuring performers: Sílvia Pinto Coelho, Maria João Neves, Nuno Bento, Juliana Reis, Eduarda Ferraz, J.Caros Díaz, Jack Shamblin, Hugo Loureiro, Sheila Charlesworth, Aurelio Ramos, Elsa Garcia, Ondina Pires, Lionel de Jesus, and Isaura Pires, producer C.E.M., C.E.N.T.A., Advance D-Lux, filmed in the region of Castelo Branco, Portugal

2002, NAQOYQATSI, experimental feature, film directed by Godfrey Reggio and edited by Jon Kane, with music composed by Philip Glass. It is the third and final film in the Qatsi trilogy, role Atomic Adam, producer Qatsi Productions, distributor Miramax Films